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Cannes keynote speech tells media agencies to choose sides

Cannes keynote speech tells media agencies to choose sides

New technologies are forcing media agencies to reassess their business models as audiences migrate away from traditional channels and scatter, according to one media expert.  

Media agencies could be split in two, said Mark Holden, head of global strategy at PHD said during a keynote speech at the Cannes Lions festival yesterday.

A move towards bid-based trading and the possibility of media futures trading will force the split, according to industry insiders.

Holden warned it is time for media agencies to start thinking about “picking a side”, as it is increasingly likely that there will be a separation in how media agencies will operate.

The two sides? Bid-based management and innovation, Holden said.  

In another stark prediction, Holden said that in just five years time, social media will be “baked in” to the heart of all campaigns with brands employing dedicated teams to manage social sentiment around the clock.

Social expertise is expected to become a real specialism with superstars in the field appearing by 2016.

Also speaking yesterday was Peter Vesterbacka, creator of Angry Birds, who shared some handy tips that marketers can use and propel their brands forward.

He said that keeping the target audience broad is a good idea and advised, “Marketing is not rocket science. Two things must be borne in mind - fans, and the brand itself.”

His tips include keeping the brand at the forefront at all times, giving the brand a distinct character and making it addictive and accessible.

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