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Mobile has set the pace so brands will need to keep up

Mobile has set the pace so brands will need to keep up

By Liana Dinghile, group strategy director, EMEA, Siegel+Gale

Simply mobile.  If I move, you move. The statement might be an obvious observation perhaps but for brands to really exploit the future of it, they need to be faster, more accessible and closer to their customers than ever. If I move, you move. It really is that simple.

So the world is smaller than ever and we seem to have a desire to bring it even closer by socialising on the obvious networks and by engaging face to face anywhere in the world via technology. Add to that our beloved Smartphones, tablets and all things Cloud and the world is more mobile than ever.

This we all know or have known for some time in fact. So why do many brands still seem reluctant to adapt at the same pace? Trepidation perhaps in such a brave new world or a failure to see that for all the technical genius associated with these great innovations of our time, they are all founded on a very simple goal - to change or advance the way we connect and communicate. So business or pleasure, we as users have embraced this and brands must go with it too if they are to stay close to us.

But what does that mean for brand owners and what’s important to remember when appealing to a more mobile customer?

1.    Integrate – make your product or service useful and intuitive at any given time
It’s important that your offer is truly accessible at any time and in a way that adds value to everyday life. Apple is likely to prove such a point when the iCloud takes official flight this fall and retailers such as Marks and Spencer have reaped rewards from their ‘Shop your own way’ multi-channel service, offering a smartphone retail service to encourage more people to buy on the move.

2.    Collaborate – remember there is always safety in numbers and so collaborate with partners that can increase the adoption of your service and also enhance the experience.

Let’s take Facebook for example. Now calling itself the ‘Communication Hub’ with over 750 million users and a bulging set of services, Facebook has made itself a vital part of people’s increasingly mobile lives. Collaborations include with Skype to integrate video calling and with leading retailers such as ASOS, who recognised that their customers want to make their fashion transactions without leaving their own social network.

3.    Reassure – guide your customers and be careful who you are getting into bed with
Brands have a responsibility to keep their customers and their assets secure and future-proof. So when taking our previous advice to collaborate, also remember that you must trust your brand partners and importantly their ethics when it comes to extending the limits of possibility. Absolute transparency is always the safest bet and trust is the only chance of getting loyalty in a more liberated and mobile world. R.I.P News of the World.

4.    Keep moving – stay ahead of the possibilities, be brave and push the boundaries of what you can deliver for your customers.

So the rate of innovation means customers very quickly come to expect what you have to offer. In time the function always supersedes the brand that initiated it and we only have to look at Nokia to learn that lesson. So yes it’s important to focus on developing and delivering superior technical performance but don’t forget the emotional connection. A more mobile world is a disloyal one and keeping customers close means getting closer to them. So speak with a clear and interesting voice and add flavour to the technical brilliance that will make their lives easier and better.

Simply mobile. To be an agile brand in a more mobile world means focusing on the simple things that make a real difference to your customers. This isn’t a time to be overtaken by the speed of progress; it’s a time to be moved by it.

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