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Ditch the bol**cks and win over your staff

Ditch the bol**cks and win over your staff

Ever received odd looks from your team as you try to enthuse them talking about 'thinking outside the box' and 'the helicopter view' and the 'thumbs down'?

Well just stop. It’s not big. It’s not clever and is just management bol**ks. Don’t just take our word for it. A new survey has found that more than half of UK employees (54%) find the nonsense speak a problem in their workplace.

Over a third (39%) of those surveyed think management jargon betrays a lack of confidence and almost one in five (18%) think people who use it are untrustworthy or trying to cover something up.

It’s an issue that senior managers seem blind to. Over half (55%) of senior managers think jargon is harmless. But four in ten (42%) employees think that it creates misunderstanding about roles and responsibilities.

The solution? Just cut it out. Almost two thirds of employees (60%) would prefer no jargon at all at work.

The poll was conducted by YouGov to mark the 15th anniversary of Investors in People
Director at Investors in People (UK), Nicola Clark, said: "Our research shows, if used inappropriately, jargon can be an obstacle to understanding, which ultimately can impact on an individual's performance and an organisation's productivity. Bosses need to lead by example, ditch needless jargon, and concentrate on communicating clearly with their employees."


1. Phrases to avoid to stopping pi**ing off your employees: 'Blue-sky thinking', 'Singing from the same hymn sheet', 'Heads up', 'Think outside the box', 'The helicopter view’, 'Get our ducks in a row', 'Joined up thinking', 'On the runway', 'Brain dump'.

2. Phrases to use to impress them: ‘The drinks are on me’, ‘That pay rise you asked for? Let’s make it bigger’, ‘Of course you can have a duvet day.’

LINKS: Investors in People have produced a jargon bingo card which you can download at

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